636.34 – 646.34KM: The Big Three-0 (Sleaford Summer 10K)

August 19, 2013

This past Friday evening I ran my thirtieth race so far this year, the Sleaford Summer 10k, in just 33 weeks. The idea behind the 1000km challenge originally started off as me attempting to run 52 races in a year. Whilst the nature of the challenge has changed, it is still my intention to run as many races as I can in the remaining 19 weeks of the year in my quest to reach the 1000km.

As I mentioned in my review of the York 10K I had fallen into a dangerous trend of pushing myself to the limit in every single race. This would then leave me both emotionally and physically exhausted before I even reached halfway. To keep myself in one piece for the rest of the year, physically and mentally, I decided to take my foot off the pedal for the upcoming races. This began last week with the Hermitage 10k and continued into Friday evening’s Sleaford Summer 10k. The result is that I’m not only feeling a lot more comfortable on each run, but I’m also beginning to enjoy each race more. Magic.

Friday’s race was the first so far this year, to memory at least, that was genuinely threatened by injury. On my run home on Wednesday I managed to completely misjudge how much clearance I needed to give a bollard when running past and ended up crashing hip first into it. Whilst it certainly hurt, it didn’t seem to hamper my run home too much. It wasn’t until later that night when it began to hurt to walk around the house and then later on, hurt to lay down, I began to fear that I had done some serious, if completely ridiculous damage.

Fortunately on the morning of the race most of the swelling had gone down and I was able to test the waters with a gentle 5k run into work. My hip didn’t scream back at me, so I took that as a sign that all was well. When I collected my number at the start of the race I was informed that I had won a spot prize that I would have to collect once I finished. Not a bad way to start a race I guess.

This ‘injury’ helped me keep my pace at a more than comfortable level as I aimed to come in around 45 minutes again. For the first 5 or so miles my hip was behaving and I felt no pain, however as I began to push on for the final mile to try and catch those in front it tried to complain pitifully, but never enough to pay any attention to it. After crossing the line I headed into the pavilion in search for my spot prize and found that I had won a Marathon nutrition box. With three marathons before the end of October and having completely run out of gels it was a very timely prize.

So yeah, that’s my 30th race of the year done, where I have so far managed to collect 16 t-shirts and 15 medals. Tomorrow evening I may potentially run my 31st race, the Bolingbroke Breaker 10k. That one will rely on Jenny being well enough to drive up and meet me at work, so my attendance is tentative at best. Otherwise Race 31 is likely to come at the Grimsthorpe Castle 10k on Bank Holiday Monday.

30 Races in just 33 Weeks

I realised the other day that with three marathons falling in the next 9 weeks it would be wise for me to get my training in order. I had planned to go for a 15 mile run yesterday, but on a very rare Sunday off, tiredness got the better of my and I opted to sleep/rest instead. Still though it is vital for me to fit a 20 mile run in somewhere in between now and the end of September, for the Nottingham marathon. With my weekends mostly taken up with races, and barely any time during the week to fit this in I came up with the unorthodox solution of running two 10 mile races, the Wolds Tough 10 Miler and the Double or Quit race in one day. Not the best solution granted, but probably the only one I have.

Since my last post we found out that what we initially thought was an eighth case of Eczema Herpeticum, was actually MRSA. Not exactly great news, but Jennys been issued with the correct drugs so hopefully it should fight it off.

Raffle Poster

Finally I am still running my Charity Raffle, with over £400 worth of prizes and tickets only costing £1. The draw will be taking place next week, so please get your tickets sooner rather than later. For more information, visit: http://runshanerun.co.uk/raffle.

As always, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/shanes1000km and donate what you can and please share news of what I am doing with others.

Distance: 10.00km | 6.21 miles
Time: 00:44:38
Official Time: 00:44:39
Average Pace: 04:28 min/km | 7:11 min/mi
Playlist: N/A
Goody Bag: Medal, Water, Go Natural Bar and Marathon Nutrition Box (Spot Prize)

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