What is #RUN2017? – A look at the year ahead

January 18, 2017

Sure as night follows day, an odd numbered year means that I will be competing in an epic fundraising challenge. This year is no different.

For 2017 I have set myself the target of running 2017 miles, through training runs, marathons and ultra marathons. In the past 2 years I have already ran 35 marathons for Mind, and this year I’m aiming to run (at least) another 15 to get that total to 50.

Planning a busy year

Last year I ran 12 marathons and 5 ultra marathons for Mind, some of them were my toughest races yet and most of them were more of a struggle than they needed be. The challenge of trying to run 2017 miles is not just a challenge, but is also a way of ensuring that I don’t spend my weekends in bed and put in the necessary training to make these events throughout the year that bit easier.

Each month I also plan to have a separate challenge, whether thats back to back marathons, 24 hour races, 100 mile Ultras, conquering mountains or focussing on running a particularly challenging race, Escape From Meriden I’m looking at you.

So far this month I have been quietly chipping away at January’s challenge of running (at least) 10K everyday.

Throughout the year I am also intending to make more of my YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting regular updates on each month’s mini challenge, race videos and going into depth about my depression and what has driven me to take on this challenge. I’ll also be posting updates on an almost daily basis on my Instagram page.

You can keep track of my miles here here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/729581

And if you wish to donate to Mind, please do so at my JustGiving page.

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