#run2017 Challenge: Half Year Review

July 21, 2017

It’s July, so I’m now over half way through my #run2017 challenge and so far it’s not really going to plan. The goal at the beginning of the year was fairly simple, run 2017 miles and on the way complete a different challenge each month. As it stands I’m currently on 750 miles for the year, a good 300 miles short of where I should be.

What has happened so far?

Back in March I picked up a back injury which as of writing I’m still yet to shake off. Out of the nowhere I began experiencing pain with my Sacroiliac Joint, which made it difficult to walk, let alone run. Getting out of bed in a morning, or from a seating position was agony. The idea of running, even on the rare occasions my back was feeling ok, didn’t seem like a good idea. As a result I soon fell into the pattern of the only time I would be running would be for races, training would be non-existent and I would spend the time in-between races wondering if my back was ever going to get better.

Naturally my fitness level began to drop, my pace slowed and the races became tougher. In a number of occasions I struggled to make the cut-off times, as I dragged my beat-up body around the course, even finishing last in a race in June.

Around the same time I also made the stubborn decision to come off my medication. There were a few wobbly weeks and after being a bit sceptical, I soon learnt of the positive effects there were having on me. I’m unsure whether I will feel the need to go back on medication, I’ve gone through a long stressful period in my personal life at the moment and survived so I’m hopeful I can stay off them for a while.

However combining the frustration of being injured and the impact this was having on my challenge meant I have struggled to maintain enthusiasm for it. I’ve struggled with the idea of writing blog posts, knowing that everything isn’t going to plan. February, March, May and June have all passed without me writing a post on them, even though they have contained some pretty epic challenges, 7 Marathons in 7 Days in May and Escape from Meriden in June. I’ve tried. There are posts for each month saved in my drafts, but they are empty with nothing more than a few notes.

No runner ever likes being injured, and I soon allowed self pity to envelop me. It was around this time when I became fixated on how much (or how little) money I have raised for Mind. After a couple of sums I worked out that I would have raised more money for charity by directly donating the race entry fees and staying in bed, than I have by actually completing the races. It took me a while to stop fixating on this and to switch my focus onto enjoying this year for me, rather then expecting miracles from it.

#run2017 January to June

What does the rest of the year hold?

This weekend I am in Wales to run the Snowdonia Trail Marathon, where somehow I’m going to have to find the fitness to run up a mountain. As I’ve mentioned previously I haven’t been able to put in any training, other than the marathons I’ve been running each month, so this one is going to take a lot out of me.

After that I’m not too sure, some of the races I was targeting later in the year don’t appear to be happening, so I might have to have a rethink.

Snowdonia Trail Marathon

The Long Tour of Bradwell

Relentless Suffering


Leeds Country Way & Bradford Millennium Way


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